Thursday, 31 March 2011

April 1st challenge 2011

April fool's!!
has any one played a trick on you today?
well it's April and
soon we will be celebrating Easter.
Do you make and send Easter cards?
Do you decorate the house with eggs and baskets?
Your challenge is:
To make something for Easter
whether it be an Easter basket for your childs teacher
or Easter cards, painted eggs or garlands...
get creative and have fun.

Our guest designer this month comes from
Canberra, Australia
the talented

"My name is Karen and I live in Canberra, Australia
(sounds like a guilty confession, but I really like living here...).
I am a SAHM with three kids , Matt 18, Meaghan, 14 and Henry, 8.
My Husband, Geoff, is a contractor in the IT business and works mostly from home (good sometimes but has put a cramp in the amount of time I can spend on my hobbies!).
Oh, and I have a slight phobia about hairdresser's so my hair is always that messy...
I was first exposed to scrapping in the late 1990's but although I could see the sense in writing down the stories that went with photos, I could not see the artistic side of this craft (not a very inspired teacher I'm afraid..). that changed when I received a free scrapping mag one day in about 2005 and I have been well and truly hooked since then!!
I am currently involved on the DT with two challenge sites,
Southern Girls and Design Dollies
and was so excited when lovely Irini asked me to guest Design here.
This is really evolving into a great challenge site,
I am so inspired by what Irini and her friends do here.
I hope I can live up to their high standards.
Looking forward to seeing your work this month! Karen xxx"

Be sure to check out Karen's blog
and here is what she made for our first challenge of the month!
I love how Karen told me that the kids love the Easter egg box
because it is easy for them to place their hands inside and grab the eggs!!!

For more inspiration
have a look at what the design team have done this month....
fabulous work ladies....

a card from Vicky
the sweetest little bird house from Eleni
a card from Alex
a wreath from Melenia
3 D card from Livia
aperture card from Channa
digital card from Anastasia

bunting/garland from Irini
(sorry the photos are so proper light)

So you know what to do!
upload your creation here by
April 29th
(this way I can announce the winner on the 30th )
Get Creative and have fun!!!

Πλησιάζει το Πάσχα!
H πρώτη πρόκληση του Απριλίου
Να φτιάξετε κάτι για το Πάσχα δηλ
μια κάρτα, η διακοσμητικά αυγά,
η καλαθάκι για αυγά,
η ενα στεφάνι, η γιρλάντα

έχετε μέχρι της 29 Απριλίου
να ανεβάσετε το έργο σας!
Get Creative and
καλή διασκέδαση

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

2 more days left!!!

Still 2 more days
to get your challenge entries in
here are the challenges
just to refresh your memory!!

Get Creative and have fun........

Monday, 28 March 2011

Lily Pad Cards

Is a new card challenge blog
being set up by our very own
the blog does not 'bloom'
till the 1st of April
there is a
week long blog hop
with amazing prizes at the end
go and congratulate
Vicky and you may win a prize!!

So go over to

and learn more....

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Want to know what the surprise gift is????

If you are still curious about what the surprise gift is?
finally I will tell you....

Some lucky person will win a free place in

Melenia's 9 week online course
on how to make better layouts.....

to learn more about the course
head on over to the blog to read more....

So if you want a chance to win
take part in one or all of the March challenges
Get Creative and Have Fun.....

Monday, 21 March 2011

The new creative team!!!

I thought as this challenge blog is called
Get Creative
why not call the design team the
creative team!
I have a confession.....
there were so many applications
that I could not choose 2 people
so I decided to take on a few more people!!

The changes have also brought on a change of challenges for the month
here is how the monthly challenges will work
starting May 2011....

1st- layout challenge
1η-σύνθεση πρόκληση

5th- card challenge

10th-project/tutorial-not a challenge

15th-layout sketch challenge

20th-card sketch challenge

So now time to meet the creative team

Card team

Unfortunately in May we say Good bye to Vicky Papaioannou
from the monthy creative team.
Check out her blog regularly for some exciting news!

Layout Team
(new members)

You can read more about these talented ladies on the tabs above!
and on their personal blogs!!
Welcome ladies!
Get Creative and Have Fun....

Saturday, 19 March 2011

March 20th challenge 2011

(Η ανάρτηση ακολουθεί στα Ελληνικά)

Spring is around the corner!
where did the year go already??

So in celebration of the coming season

Your challenge is:
Scrap a layout using 5 flowers or more any size........
if you do not have flowers in your stash
......make them.

If you need help with making them
here are some links....

hope they are helpful.......

Have a look at what the design team came up with

first up...

"She is" Nadia


"You are the spring in my life"-Anastasia
"Spring is here finally" Eleni

"Reflections of time"-Irini

Do not forget you have until
Thursday 31st of March
to upload your creations....

So Get Creative and have fun......

Έρχεται η άνοιξη!
(που πήγε ο χρόνος;;;)

για να γιορτάσουμε τον ερχομό της άνοιξης
η πρόκληση σας είναι

να φτιάξετε μια σύνθεση με 5 η περισσότερα λουλούδια

εάν δεν έχετε λουλούδια μπορείτε να τα φτιάξετε,
στην αρχή της ανάρτησης έχω μια λίστα με 16 τρόπους να φτιάξετε λουλούδια!!
σίγουρα κάτι θα βρείτε!!!

μην ξεχνάτε έχετε μέχρι την Πέμπτη 31 Μαρτίου
για να ανεβάσετε τα έργα σας.....

Get Creative and have fun....

Friday, 18 March 2011

Do you need some incentive??

To join in the challenges?
how about these prizes?

Stay tuned ...
soon you will find out what the
secret prize is!!!

then we have these 2 fabulous prizes
generously donated from
our guest designer this month

So what are you waiting for??

Thursday, 17 March 2011

There is still time.....προλαβαινετε

για να μάθετε περισσότερα
περάσετε απο το blog της Χρυσας

There is still time!!
to take part in the first pan Cretan
scrapbooking event
for more information
head on over to Chrysas blog

Monday, 14 March 2011

March 15th project......

Todays project from
is cute and practical!
If you are like me forever losing addresses and phone numbers
then this super quick and fun album is for you....
here is how to make it!

This album is made of envelopes.
Each envelope holds the name, address
and phone numbers of family members and friends
so you do not lose them....

αυτο ειναι ενα αλμπουμακι φτιαγμενο απο φακελακια
και σαν σκοπο εχει να με βοηθαει να κραταω τις διευθυνσεις γνωστων και φιλων
και να μην τις χανω!!
Αφου φτιαχνω καρτες να θυμαμαι που θα τις στειλω,

Here is what you need
envelopes (white)
stamp die cuts
butterfly punch
stamps for stamping
and mists.....

εδω ειναι ολα τα υλικα που χρειαστηκα...ετοιμα προς συναρμολογηση...

Stamp and mist your envelopes
on the envelope adhere the stamp die cut
(this is where you write the name of the addressee)
attach twine to the tag
decorate with butterfly and attach to envelope

πρωτα ψεκαζω με mist,
σφραγιζω και κολλαω ενα γραμματοσημο,
και ενα tag με την πεταλουδιτσα και το κορδονακι του και ετοιμο!
Στο γραμματοσημο(βασικα ειναι ενα μοτιβο του big shot)
θα γραψω το ονομα του καθε ατομου
ωστε να ξερω οταν ψαχνω ολα τα φακελακια που να το βρω...
ολο το αλμπουμακι το εδεσα με το bia.

Each envelope is decorated the same way but in a different colour scheme!
then attach all envelopes with the Bind it All

καθε σελιδα ακολουθησα το ιδιο στησιμο αλλα με διαφορετικα χαρτια...
inside each envelope is a card
with the address and telephone number of the addressee
or what ever other information you wish to record....
what do you think cute and practical???

μεσα σε καθε φακελακι υπαρχει ενα καρτελακι
που εχω σφραγισει με σφραγιδα φοντου μιλιμετρε
για να γραφω την διευθυνση και οποιο αλλο στοιχειο θελω.
πολυ πρακτικο ,πολυ ευκολο και πολυ δημιουργικο!!!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

10th March challenge 2011

(H ανάρτηση ακολουθεί στα Ελληνικά)

Its the 10th of March
and time to challenge you with a sketch
from Chryssa

So why don't you play along?
Link up your creations on the side bar
by pressing on the blue frog
Get Creative and have fun!!

let the design team
inspire you!!

"Carnival Fun" Eleni

"Score 1-0" Chryssa

"sweet snapshots" Eudokia

Untitled- Anastasia

"bubble love" Irini

10 Μαρτίου σήμερα
η επόμενη σας πρόκληση
είναι το sketch της
μην ξεχνάτε έχετε μέχρι της
31 Μαρτίου
να ανεβάσετε το έργο σας!
Get Creative and Have Fun!!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

February challenge winners.....

and the winners are........

Congratulations girls!!!!!
please email me your addresses
so we can send you your prizes

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The prizes for March.....

I did mention in the previous post
there are
prizes this month!!
2 fabulous prizes are kindly donated by
our guest designer this month
(thank you Nadia!)
take a look....

gift 1
gift 2
and what is gift 3???
well keep a close eye on this blog
and you will learn soon.......
Get Creative and have fun!!!!!!!
oh and tomorrow I announce February's winners!