Friday, 29 April 2011

April's winners are......

What started out as two prizes
has now become four (4)
and I will tell you why

Ξεκινήσαμε με 2 δώρα αλλά γίνανε τεσσάρι (4)
και θα σας πω γιατί.....
πρώτα οι νικήτριες των 2 μεγάλων δώρων είναι

..........the winners of the 2 major prizes are.......

Prize #1

Prize #2
Congratulations ladies
please send me your addresses......

The next two prizes go to two women
who took part in all 4 challenges
they are Despina from Greece and leila from Brazil

Δυο τιμητικά δωράκια θα πάνε στις 2 παρακάτω κυρίες
επειδή κατάφεραν να συμμετέχουν και στις 4 προκλήσης του Απριλίου
και γι'αυτό τους ευχαριστώ πολυ!!

I was very honoured that they took part in all 4 challenges
thank you ladies
send me your addresses
so I can send you a small thank you gift!!

Thank you....Vicky!!

is leaving our design team,
she will not be forgotten how can she!!!
We will be following her through her new venture
and cheering her on all the way
as a tribute to all the wonderful cards she has made for this blog
I am showcasing them again

thanks for everything Vicky....

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

April 20th Challenge.....

(Η ανάρτησή ακολουθεί στα Ελληνικά)

April is nearly over and we have
one last challenge for April
This month we celebrated Easter
and here in Greece the colour that symbolises
Easter from the crucifixion to the resurrection is the colour
on that note.....
Your challenge this month is to make
a monochromatic layout with the colours of the red spectrum
Blue-Violet, Violet, Red-Violet, Red, Red-Orange,
and the other twist is the layout has to be about you!!!
Our design team did a fabulous job
will you give it a try??

Our guest designer

Έφτασε και η Μεγάλη Εβδομάδα....
έφτασε και η τελευταία πρόκληση για τον Απρίλιο....
Το χρώμα του Πάσχα είναι το κόκκινο....
και έτσι η πρόκλησή σας είναι
να φτιάξετε μια σύνθεση
με τα χρώματα του κόκκινου φάσματος
και το θέμα: ο εαυτό σας!
δείτε τα παραδείγματα από την
δημιουργική ομάδα!

Καλή Ανάσταση!!

Friday, 15 April 2011

April 15th....project tutorial from Eudokia!

April 15th and time for us to see what project
Eudokia has made for us!!
Easter is around the corner and it is gift giving time
this box is perfect for filling with little chocolate eggs
or what ever takes your fancy!!
I believe it is the perfect teacher's present!!
let's see how Eudokia made it......

Aυτο ειναι το προτζεκτ μου για το μηνα Απριλιο...
ενα κουτακι για να το γεμισει κανεις με σοκολατακια
ή ό,τι αλλο θελει και να το δωρισει για το Πασχα
σε αγαπημενα προσωπα...
ξεκιναμε να το φτιαξουμε;

You will need a scoring board like Martha Stewarts or any other scoring board
and a piece of cardstock or pattern paper 9x9 inches

εγω χρησιμοποιησα το πινακα πικμανσης της Μartha Stewart
και εβγαλα τις οδηγιες και τις μετρησεις μονη μου...
το εργαλειο με βοηθησε να το κανω βασισμενη στις ιντσες
παρολο που πρωτη φορα τις χρησιμοποιω...ειναι αρκετα ευκολο ομως!!
χρειαζομαστε πρωτα ενα χαρτι με διαστασεις 9 * 9 ιντσες.

1.score your paper at 1,4,5, and 8 inches

1.χαραζω στις : 1, 4, 5 και 8 ιντσες.
2.Turn your paper 90 degrees and start scoring again at 1,2,7, and 8 inches

2.γυριζω το χαρτι μου 90 μοιρες και ξαναχαραζω στις : 1, 2, 7 και 8 ιντσες.
3. Now you start cutting out with a scissor the areas shaded in pencil as in the photo

3.επειτα κοβω με το ψαλιδι μου τα κομματια που φαινονται μουτζουρωμενα στη φωτο...
4. Your box template should look like this!
4. ετσι εχω κατι σαν αυτο...
5. Eudokia chose to pass the lid of the box through her die cutting machine

5.εβαλα το χαρτι μου στο big shot και εκοψα ενα σχημα...αυτο που θα φαινεται απο πανω...
6.If you choose to cut a window into the box lid like Eudokia has done,
wether you use a die cutting machine or hand cut...
stick a piece of acetate on the underside of the box lid so you can see through
and the contents do not fall out!

6.κολλησα απο πισω εν ακομματι διαφανεια ωστε να ειναι καλυμμενο αλλα να φαινεται απο μεσα το περιεχομενο του κουτιου....αν δεν θελω μπορω να το αφησω χωρις να το κοψω...
ή αν δεν εχω το μηχανημα μπορω να κοψω ενα σχεδιο με το χερι...
7.Now you are ready to assemble the box
and decorate however you like!!

7.συναρμολογω το κουτι μου και εχω αυτο....τελος το διακοσμω οπως μου αρεσει!!
Happy Easter to all......

Καλο Πασχα σε ολους!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

2 prizes again this month.........

So enter the challenges to be in the running for the prizes!!!

2 τυχερες θα κερδισουν τα κιτ στις φωτογραφιες....
περιμενουμε της δημιουργιες σας!!!

Friday, 8 April 2011

April 10th sketch for cards and layouts!

Good morning!
Need some inspiration?
How about this sketch?

Have a look at what the design team came up with!!!

Our guest designer
Chryssa-digital layout
Anastasia-digital layout

Dont forget to upload your layouts
by the 29th of April
to be in the running for the prizes!!

Get Creative and Have Fun....

Monday, 4 April 2011

April 5th CARD challenge

(Η ανάρτηση ακολουθεί στα Ελληνικά)

Hi all
I am very excited to announce
Get Creative's
first Card challenge
as it is our first challenge I thought it should be a simple challenge
Your challenge is to make a card with a
spring theme
spring colours

take a look at what our fabulous
card design team came up with!!!

Dont forget to upload your card
by the 29th of April to be in the running for a prize!!

Get Creative and have fun!!!!!!!!!!

Είμαι πολύ χαρούμενη
γιατί σήμερα
είναι η πρώτη μας πρόκληση για κάρτες!!!....
η πρόκληση σας είναι να δημιουργήσετε μια κάρτα
με θέμα την Άνοιξη
η μια καρτα με ανοιξιάτικα χρώματα!
μην ξεχνάτε να ανεβάσετε
την κάρτα σας εδώ
μέχρι της 29 Απριλίου
για να μπείτε στη κλήρωση για τα δώρα!

Get Creative and have fun!!!!!!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

And the winners are......

YES I know you have been waiting
I have been cruel making you wait!!
we have
4 winners
Yes 4!!

To start.......
the winner of a place in
on line course

please contact Mary at
for more information...

moving on to the rest of the prizes...

This month I decided that since Nadia was sponsoring 2 gifts
I suggested she at least choose her favourite creation for one prize
and the other prize would go in the random draw....
well Nadia could not choose and she decided to send another gift
so I will not keep you in suspense any more....

One prize goes to...

#31 Elina
The other to is what Nadia had to say
( Vicky's layout instantly stood out to me in the gallery...The photo she has used is big and clear with the focus being on the face of the beautiful little girl. Because of this, the photo is not lost in the detailed background. I love how all the colours match and the placement of those flowers is really well done. I love the misting in the background using the doily...this grounds the whole layout without taking over. Well done Vicky...this layout is a feast for the eyes. )
and the third prize goes to

#2 Alex
Here is what Nadia had to say
(Alex's card is also another one that I was immediately drawn to.It is bright, and happy and just what a card should be! Alex, you went a long way with the limited supplies we were allowed to use in this challenge and for that I had no choice, but to reward you a small prize! Well done...)
Congratulations to the winners of Nadia prizes!!!
girls please send me your addresses so Nadia can send you you gifts

Nadia also wanted to comment on some more entries that stood out

(Melenia's layout is a standout because it is simple yet it captures the attention. Melenia is very good at creating "empty space" and this brings the focus solely on the subject. Well done!)
#15 Elina
(Elina's beautiful layout was also one that I liked. I loved the way she matted those photos and and the creative way she placed them. Good job!)
(Katerina's layout is so happy and bright and the flowers are so beautiful. Just lovely!)
(Ξενιας layout was also a stand out for me. Thos colours were just beautiful and I love the banner she created. A very beautiful layout!)

Great work ladies......
See you all back here tomorrow with
Get Creatives' first official card challenge